Tucker Archer

Chapter 57: Another List: Comestibles Diary

In Uncategorized on February 26, 2011 at 8:43 am

The Strangest Things We Ate This Week

1. Yogurt-flavored Pepsi (I don’t care what M2 says. This counts as food.)
2. A McDLT
3. Coelacanth sashimi
4. Gourmet jelly beans (Flavors: Persimmon, Himalayan Salt, Hair)
5. An edible sweater woven from a “soy bean-lentil food composite”
6. Inside-out banana
7. Deep-fried ants with jackfruit chutney
8. Grilled cheese sandwich (The only “normal food” in a sea of weird meals, making it exotic in its familiarity)
9. Ghost Chili Peppers a la Mode
10. Long pig
11. Velociraptor steaks, medium
12. “Armcambra” (think Turducken, but made with Armadillo, Camel, and Zebra)
13. Wildberry Tic Tacs (Oddly, the only illegal food we ate in any timeline)


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