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Chapter 181: Gunfire and Flesh

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My ruined lover’s face falls apart while he is still conscious, torn throat whistling as his eyelids shut.

I duck, I whirl around, I try to get a sightline to the attackers. If they were in their customary black, they boys should be easy to spot against all this green. But I can’t see a thing.

I take one last look at the back of his head, and it’s enough to spur me. I start running, and I can hear suppressed gunfire behind me. I roll into a thicket, close my eyes, and push.

The air is silent, still.

I’m away.

Chapter 180: Eyes Fluttering

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He blinks twice.

“Jesus, MJ.”

“I know. The last thing I wanted was for all this to catch up with me. With us. I thought about going back on the run, but I honestly thought they were done looking for me.”

“All those people in Abilene…the saloon, burned to the ground by now…”

“This is all my fault.”

“Hey, no,” he says. “Shhhh. It’s going to be okay. We’ll find your friends, and go find somewhere that’s safe. I’ll take care of you.”

A red dot appears on his forehead.

His skull falls apart in a red ruin.

He blinks twice.

Chapter 179: A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread, and Thou

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We find a tall fruit tree by the side of a babbling brook. It’s so picturesque, like something out of a poem. All we’re lacking is a picnic lunch, though I’m not sure either one of us has much of an appetite.

I’m feeling woozy, so he leans up against the tree and lets me rest my head in his lap.

I lied to him. It’s a habit now, and honestly, not one I plan to break anytime soon.

I tell him most of the truth. I couldn’t tell him I’m a particle and a wave.

He’d never believe me.

Chapter 178: Patience is a Virtue. His Patience, Doubly So.

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I’m pretty sure I’m staring at him, slackjawed.

“Okay, now your brain really looks like it’s gonna fry. I knew you were running from something bad. Right now, I think we should run some more, and then you can tell me all about it once we’re someplace secure, okay?” he says, eyes utterly calm.

“Okay,” I say. I can scarcely believe my luck, because right now, all I need is time to think.

My head is beginning to hurt. We shouldn’t try another jump just yet.

“Let’s find someplace to rest nearby, and I’ll tell you the whole dirty business.”

Chapter 177: Achievement Unlocked

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I’ve never been able to jump with someone who wasn’t a Margery. I didn’t think I could bring someone along for the ride.

Oh Christ. How the hell am I going to explain this to him?

“You look like you’re thinking awfully hard, MJ. Like you’re trying to figure out what just happened, and what’s gonna happen next, and what you’re gonna say about it all. You look like your brains are gonna cook inside your skull from all that, so tell you what: Don’t feel like you’ve gotta explain it to me. Soon’d be good, but not right now.”

Chapter 176: Once, I Fell From a Horse and Got the Breath Knocked Out of Me

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I push, harder than I ever have before, harder than I believed myself capable of. I feel my brain slide into place, like I’m taking a test and I’ve just remember a particularly tricky bit of information. But amplified, so its a sensation that makes my whole body feel like I’ve been tossed into a frozen lake.

We jump.

We land with force, impacting the surface of another world, far from the chaos at Abilene. I got us both, and I am astonished.

“Never done that before,” I say.

“I bet you say that to all the guys,” he jokes.

Chapter 175: Do You Trust Me?

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In the movies, when bad things happen, it’s always at night. Or in the rain. Or both.

But life isn’t ever that cinematic, and more often than not, it hits the fan during daylight. Most heart attacks happen around 10 in the morning, or so they say.

Walking to work, I see smoke. Downtown is on fire. I run through the streets of our fair city, frantic but cautious.

I find him, my sweet Johnny, with a twisted ankle by the Blue Seal.

“Do you trust me?” I ask.

He nods, slowly. Behind him, a man in black starts running towards us.

Chapter 174: Remember What?

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I have woken up this morning with an overwhelming sense of dread, a boiled sickly sense that fills my stomach like spoiled beef.

We are in the eye of a storm, some terrible thing that’s still to come.

There are cornflakes for breakfast this morning. By this afternoon, I’m sure that I’ll feel better. But right now, I feel like the world is about to fall down around my head.

I never should have tried to make a life here.

Maybe today I should just go. Because whatever it is that I feel coming this way, it’s coming for me.

Chapter 173: Silent Avowal

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He falls asleep, head resting on my stomach. My mind won’t turn off, so I compose him love letters behind my eyes.

Dear Johnny,

I wanted to tell you everything. But we are too new, and I couldn’t risk your disbelief.

But there are darker things. Things that were necessary, and things that I am not proud of. I don’t have a husband. But I do have a daughter I left behind.

What scares me most? That the Margery who was here first will die, or leave. And then I’ll be torn away, without a chance to explain my flight.

Chapter 172: The Sun Ducks Behind a Cloud

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“So what was it?” he asks me, sitting up slightly. “What chased you away from where you used to live? Was it a bad boyfriend? Trouble with the law? You can tell me, and I promise not to judge.”

He has this honest face, the earnest face of a child. Unlined, unworried, he stares at me like I’m his own personal sun.

“Tonight’s not the night.”

“MJ,” he tells me, “I know it was something big, something bad. Otherwise you’d tell me. I’ll wait. If you want to tell me, then I’ll listen. If not, I’ll wonder, but that’s all.”