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Chapter 273: Hot Cocoa, No Marshmallows

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We walk to the empty canteen. I make her hot chocolate, and we find a table.

“It should be weirder for me, trying to talk to you,” I say.

“Because my brain and my body don’t match?” she guesses, blowing on her cocoa.

“Right. But it’s not. It’s like talking to myself, having an internal monologue out loud.”

“And I shouldn’t trust you at all. I shouldn’t trust anyone old. But I like you.”

“Neither one of us set out to live like this,” I sigh. “”I used to have control. Now, I’m just some girl that things keep happening to.”

Chapter 272: Bleeding Through in Sleep

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That night, I sleep like the dead.

But the following night, things start bleeding through. Half-remembered snatches of conversation, words that could mean everything or nothing.

Nola. Pierce. I know those names. But there are older memories rearing their heads now. Banning. Paris. Osiris. Beta-12.

I wake drenched in cold sweat.

“She who has not yet picked out her name” is sitting on the foot of my bed.

“How did you get in here?” I ask.

“I dream about them, too. And then I feel guilty. They made me smarter, but I can’t figure out how they all fit together.”

Chapter 271: Please Plead Me

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“You know,” she says, “I never asked for any of this. I hate this. Being like this. Stuffed full of things that make be better, faster, stronger. Cobbled together from other people, stuck with a brain that’s years ahead of my body. But you. You understand. You see a person, not a lab experiment. I do want to stay. If that’s okay?”

“On one condition,” I say. “Will please you pick a name soon? It’s really hard to refer to you without one. And I’m afraid you’ll hate the nicknames you might get, based on your age and size.”

“Ok. Deal.”

Chapter 270: Understanding

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“No one is going to make you stay. I promise. But they want you to. And so do I. You got me out of a bad place, and you’re clearly a force to be reckoned with. No one wants you to take sides, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to ask you to be on ours.”

“Wow,” she says, “that’s the first time I’ve felt like a grownup has talked to me like a person, not a child.”

“You’re not a child. If what they did to you was like what they did to me, you’ve lost your innocence.”

Chapter 269: Tension and Tiny

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“Why you little-” seethes M2, and my tiny friend stands and pulls out a knife she had hidden in her hair.

“Whoa! Settle down. Jesus. Alright, Doc, Em, can you give us the room for a minute?”

They aren’t happy, but they do it. I’m alone with the child, and dinner is getting cold.

“I’m sorry. I left here under…tense circumstances. But they are my friends, and they are worried about me. If you hate what those other doctors did do you, this is a good place for you to be.”

“I get that. But I don’t like being bossed.”

Chapter 268: Yow

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“I really missed the food here,” I tell Doc and M2, my cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk.

“It’s really good. I’m glad I brought us here,” adds my smug little empancipator.

The doctor smiles and cuts her steak into thin slices, with M2 forks three pumpkin ravioli and sticks the whole pile in her mouth.

“Leaving here was a bad idea,” I admit, “but at least we know more about what they are doing, why they are hunting us.”

“You’ve found a valuable ally,” adds the doctor.

“What makes you think I want to stick around?” says the little one.

Chapter 267: I Can Fly Twice as High

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“Margery?!” says a voice behind me. My eyes open to see a familiar courtyard. I turn, and there’s M2.

I look at the child and say, “That’s some luck you’ve got, kid.”

“Luck my ass,” says the little one. “I brought us here on purpose. They augmented my navigation abilities. You’re welcome, by the way.”

“Your sidekick’s got some skills,” says M2.

“Hi,” I say.

“Hi, yourself,” she replies. “Who’s your new friend?”

“I don’t have a name. And don’t talk over me just because I’m small,” seethes the fierce child.

“Yikes. Sorry,” apologizes M2. “You two better come inside.”

Chapter 266: Up on the Roof

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She moves like a tiny commando. I can’t quite reconcile her size with her ferocity, or how smoothly she carries her weapon. She leads me down several corridors, then up a long flight of stairs.

With a roundhouse kick of impossible force, she opens a metal door at the top of the stairwell. We’re in open air, and the feeling of sun of my skin feels foreign after months in one room.

It’s a helo pad. She takes my hand, brings me to the center, and says, “Close your eyes.”

My eyelids glow red. I hear her say, “Think of her.”

Chapter 265: I’m Movin’ Out

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“We should go,” she says. “We’ve got another ten minutes before the reinforcements start swarming us.”

“Go where?”

“I was thinking we’d find your friend.”

“Who? M2?”

“That’s the one. I read all your treatment transcripts. I know a lot about you, and about her coalition. I think I’d like to regroup there.”

“But how are we going to get–”

“Listen, Margery. I like you. And I know this is probably the longest conversation you’ve had in a few months, but we gotta go. I lead, you follow. You see anybody, shoot them. I know a way out of here.”

Chapter 264: Funhouse Mirror

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“Will you take the gun already? My arm’s getting tired,” she says.

“Right. Sorry.”

“I’m not a clone of you. They used DNA from you and the other yous as a jumping off point, but did a little tweaking here and there. They wanted me to be stronger than you, to have your abilities, but amplified.”

“They’re making soldiers?”

“You catch on quick. They’re trying to.”

“I still don’t know what to call you.”

“They never gave me a name. I don’t want to be another Margery. Things seem to go badly for people named Margery. I’ll pick a name. Someday.”