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Chapter 253: Interlude: Me and Mr. Jones

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Our Margery lost her husband. But not every Margery did. Some Margeries went traveling, abandoning their Doras and their still-living husbands.

Some of those husbands didn’t take kindly to a wife that left them.

They say “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Whoever penned that little aphorism never met Mr. Jones.

At first he was heartbroken, thinking her abducted. When he realized she left of her own accord, he soured. Filled with rage, he planned to find his unfaithful wife and bring her back home.

He wasn’t picky. He’d take any Margery he could get.

Dead, or alive.


Chapter 252: Interlude: What Lives in the Dark

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Before the war was fought by boys and girls, the men in the library tried to manage problem Margeries with something darker than gunshots. With the profits from a season’s worth of Purple Nurple, they were able to hire a contractor with a very specific skill set: genetic engineering.

They trained it to track Margery Jones.

They meant to place it in the world with no doors, a repository designed to eliminate rogue elements. But they missed. And so, the creature with the horrible hunger lived on the world with the orange-colored sky, and devoured anyone that stumbled across its path.

Chapter 251: Interlude: Natural Resources

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Pierce’s library is also his conference room.

Dr. Nola and the moodily moral Wittgenstein twins. The men cluster around the blue screen, tracking the red dots that signify locations of known Margeries.

“She’s a renewable resource,” Pierce argues. “They have a natural ability to travel. We keep harvesting them until we’ve perfected our tech augments.”

“Until they get wise and start fighting back. One of the writers is already leaving those little graffiti messages for her sisters,” says Nola. “Can we afford to start a war with these women?”

“We have the resources. We need them to complete our tech.”

Chapter 250: Interlude: Coca and Betel

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When Shannon Pierce left Harvard to pursue his own business opportunities, he hadn’t expected to start selling drugs. But within the walls of his compound, he had acres of green space just begging to be planted with betel and coca, poppies and C. sativa.

He had always had money, but it wasn’t until he had money and drugs that he developed friends, a cadre of acolytes. With those new friends came newer, more challenging investment opportunities. Social media, computing solutions, in vitro proteins. And, of course, Dr. Nola’s device.

Nola and Pierce formed a partnership and started hunting Ms. Jones.

Chapter 249: Interlude: Milk and Smoke

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The Doctors all had Doras of their own. And nearly all of them lost her at 18 months in a house fire.

Now, whenever a Doctor-Margery inhales a quick draft of woodsmoke, they all share the same bitter train of thought.

She smiles, remembering pancakes, log cabins, the smell of soot. Christmas.

And then, like a rock, her stomach sinks, and she remembers the night her baby Dora died.

There was nothing she could have done, but a mother always blames herself.

Some of the Doctors drew strength from tragedy, devoted themselves to their work.

And then there were the others.

Chapter 248: Interlude: Our Margery’s 18th Birthday Party

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No one came. Not a soul.

She got to the skating rink an hour before the time she’d written on the invitations. The staff was really nice, and helped her hang the streamers and balloons. They even made room in the employee fridge for her cake so it would stay chilled until the party.

She laced up her ice skates and hit the rink, happy to have 30 minutes to enjoy the rink alone before her classmates and family showed up. But the clock ticked on, and soon the empty rink just felt barren, not full of promise.

No one came.

Chapter 247: Interlude: Our Margery Had a Husband

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She once said that she didn’t have a husband. And at the time, she didn’t.

She was a widow, but a widow who couldn’t get closure tends to turn bitter and angry.

Her husband didn’t come home one night.

Or the night after that.

It was only months later that his body was found, months that she spent craving his touch and chasing down leads.

She never understood why he showed up, months after he disappeared, in the city pool. Most chilling of all, his dead body wasn’t months decayed, but only hours. So where had he been?

White rage reigned.

Chapter 246: Interlude: Adora

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Her mother called her “Adora” when it was just the two of them, but they both preferred the more normal-sounding “Dora” when talking to others.

When her mother went missing shortly after the accident, little Adora was in her early teens. She tried to live alone for a while, but eventually child protective services caught on, and sent her off to live with a series of foster families.

She kept running away. They kept finding her. If she wasn’t so angry with her mom, she might have understood just how similar their lives had become.

But all Adora wanted was revenge.

Chapter 245: Interlude: The Old Original Doc and M2 Jamboree

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Meanwhile, a thousand universes away…

“We have to find her,” says the Margery known as M2.

“She doesn’t want to be found, you know,” Doctor-Margery murmurs around a mouthful of pulled pork.

“I didn’t come all the way out here to fight with you. I came here to tell you what we’re going to do.”

Doctor-Margery finishes off her cole slaw, wipes her sticky fingers on the lemon-scented towelettes, and says, “I don’t understand you two. I mean, I like her just fine. But she’s not special. Not anymore than the rest of us.”

“No, doc. She is. I’m sure.”

Chapter 244: New Cameras

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When I woke from my nap, there were three new cameras installed up in the corners of my room.

I say new cameras, because even though these are the first visible cameras I’ve seen in here, I’m not stupid enough to think that there haven’t been hidden cameras in here all along.

Or, perhaps the cameras aren’t even transmitting. Like convenience store clerks who hand a camera behind their registers, perhaps my jailer-doctors are just hoping that the hint of observation will keep me acting on my best behavior.

Oh, how wrong they will be.

Just you wait. You’ll get yours.