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Chapter 294: Morning Comes

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Our moving fortress jumped several times that night. I screamed and twisted, but no one came until morning.

Doc and M2 walk in, a fat syringe in each of their hands.

“Did you stop her?” I scream.

They look at each other, then back to me.

“Did you stop Ripley from leaving? She can’t go without me!”

M2 gapes at me: “Are you-”

Doc cuts her off: “Check her room. Now.”

M2 dashes out, tossing the syringe on a counter as she goes.

“Margery, where did she say she was going?”

“Back. Back there. To find out what they did.”


Chapter 293: You’ve Got a Friend. Sort of.

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What feels like hours later, I’m staring at the ceiling. There’s a crack of light that appears in the corner of my field of vision. I turn to see the door opening, and there’s Ripley.

“Tell me you’re here to cut me loose,” I say.

“Margery,” she murmurs, “We had a fight about you, about what would be best. I don’t know what course of treatment the Doc wants to try out on your tomorrow, but I’m leaving. I wanted to come say goodbye. What we need now is intel. I’m going back to find out what they did to you.”

Chapter 292: Faith is What You Fear When Nothing is There

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“I know you think there’s nothing there, but please. Look again. They were monsters. If there was a way to force her to return to them, they’d find it,” finishes Ripley.

“Ripley, she’s sick. She was sick a long time before you met her. She’s mentally ill, and we need to heal those wounds first, before we even think about trying to deprogram her,” says Doc.

“She was getting better. I know you both saw it. I can’t believe that she would just pull a 180 like that,” argues Ripley.

“Ladies, please,” says Doc. “Let’s make her comfortable. Tomorrow’s a new day.”

Chapter 291: The Ravages

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“No,” says Ripley. “They did something to her, I’m sure of it. I know they injected her with something called Heramax, and some other drugs, too. Who knows what else they did to her, locked away in that room? You two weren’t there. It was more slaughterhouse than hospital. They take people like you, chop them up, find a way to make them into augmentations for me. It makes sense they’d want to protect their investment, build a failsafe to ensure the return of any lost assets.”

Her trembling hands are now in her mouth, teeth biting down on nails.

Chapter 290: Our Absent Friend

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“I really can only speak to what they did to me. And to what little I overheard,” explains Ripley. “You outlined the most likely choices. But there are new medicines, new drugs they are developing at that facility, things that might not even show up on your tox screens. If none of your scans are picking up implants, try refining your tox protocols.”

“Aren’t we overlooking the obvious?” snips M2.

“What do you mean?” asks Doc.

“Come on. Come on. You know her mental state has been compromised for months now. Maybe this outburst isn’t because of something they did.”

Chapter 289: In Which Theories Fly Like Birds

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In a white room with beige curtains, Margery’s two favorite traveling companions are conversing with one of the best physicians in the world.

“Alright. Theories. Let’s hear them,” says Doc.

“You don’t already know what’s wrong with her?” fumes M2.

“There are a couple of options,” Ripley says calmly. “From what little I saw there, anyway.”

“Implants, pharmaceuticals, post-hypnotic suggestion? I thought about all those things, but she wasn’t presenting any typical symptoms, her tox screen was negative across the board, and her scans were clean,” says Doc. “Is there anything else you can think of, besides the obvious techniques?”

Chapter 288: Ties

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I wake up, strapped to a bed. M2 is standing over me, Doc to one side. Ripley is nowhere to be seen.

“You two. It’s like an abusive relationship,” I muse through bruised lips. “It’s all tea and roses when we get together, and then a few weeks in, I end up bloody and tied up.”

“Margery, it’s for your own good,” says the doc.

“Shut up. Listen. You are both going to let me go. I am going back, and they are going to finish what they started.”

“Margery,” whispers M2. “We are going to fix you. I promise you.”

Chapter 287: Is There a Doctor in the House?

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She comes rushing out of her room, barreling towards me faster than I thought any person could run.

“What is it?”

“I think…something’s wrong. I want to go back.”

“Go back? Go back there? No, you don’t.”

“Please. Please take me back. We made a huge mistake.”

“Margery, stay put. I’m going to go get the doctor.”

“No, Ripley! We have to go now! They can, they want to help us!”

I grab her arm and start dragging her towards the exit.

“Margery, let me go. Please.”

I pull harder.

She knocks me down. Wind knocked out.

She calls out: “DOCTOR!”

Chapter 286: Delayed Onset Stockholm Syndrome

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The pills aren’t helping.

I can’t stop thinking about the nurses, the doctors. Nola. Pierce. All the rest. They took me in when I was sick. And I got better. Maybe they were just trying to help. Maybe I was wrong to leave, wrong to distrust them.

My limbs don’t phase in and out of existence anymore. Towards the end, I was feeling strong. I was feeling powerful. Their treatment was working.

No. No, this isn’t how I think. Something must be wrong with me.

I scramble out into the corridor and call out for the only person I trust.


Chapter 285: Four Bedrooms

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M2’s room:

She stares hard at the ceiling, breathing heavy. She cries out, then brings her hand back up to her chest. She bites her lip and weeps.

Doc’s room:

She switches off her tablet and throws it on the bed. She drops to her knees and starts her nightly yoga routine. It doesn’t calm her, but she does it anyway.

Ripley’s room:

There action figures scattered across the floor. Not from playtime, but because they are pointy. Ripley uses them to protect herself, establishing a perimeter.

Our Margery’s room:

She wakes in a cold sweat. She pops some stolen pills.