Tucker Archer

Chapter 364: Adora, Au Revoir

In Uncategorized on December 30, 2011 at 2:14 am

Adora, broken and embittered, sits on a pile of dust overlooking a railroad depot. Her clothes are ragged, her nails are dirty, and her hair hasn’t been cut in years. Despite all her hopes, her journey is at an end. Her mission was a failure.

Her heart once pumped white-hot rage. It’s cooled now. It still aches fiercely.

“Where are you, Mom?” she asks the puffs of dirt she’s kicked up.

She opens her knapsack and grabs a bottle of lemonade. It’s warm, but still quenches her thirst.

“Here’s to you, then. I’m done looking. Find me, if you want.”

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