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What is this thing?

This is “The Strange Adventures of Margery Jones,” a microfiction serial written by Tucker Cummings.

What is the story about?

Margery Jones travels between parallel universes, visiting other incarnations of herself and making irreparable mistakes.

At its heart, this is a story about heartbreak, mental illness, and uncertainty.

What the heck is microfiction?

Also known as very short stories, short-shorts, or drabbles, microfiction tales generally run no longer than 1000 words. Some subsets of microfiction, such as Twitter fiction, are limited to just 140 characters. Microfiction authors love the challenge of creating a world, plot, and interesting characters within such a limited amount of literary real estate.

In the case of “Margery Jones,” each chapter is 100 words long. A new chapter was uploaded each day in 2011, as part of an experimental writing project.

Who are you again?

Tucker Cummings has been writing strange stories since she developed sufficient hand- eye coordination to operate a crayon. Sadly, her handwriting hasn’t improved much since then.

Her work has won prizes in fiction contests sponsored by HiLoBrow.com, The Binnacle, and MassTwitFic, and she is one of the contributors to “The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities” (HarperCollins, 2011). Her publication credits include the anthologies “Grim Fairy Tales” (Static Movement, 2011), “Future Lovecraft” (Innsmouth Free Press, 2011) and “Stories from the Ether” (Nevermet Press, 2011.)

Will there be a sequel?

There are currently no plans for a sequel featuring Margery Jones. There is, however, an “Easter Egg” Margery Jones story available to read in another collection of my short fiction. This book, written as part of Art House Co-op’s “Fiction Prject 2011,” can be viewed at the Brooklyn Art Library on North 3rd Street. Talk to a librarian, search for my book by my last name, and you’ll find the bonus story tucked inside. At some point, this book should also be getting digitized. Once that happens, you can search for it online here.

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